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BA History: The Citadel

MS Strategic Intelligence: The National Defense Intelligence College



20 Years experience as an officer in the U.S. Army

3rd Year as JROTC Instructor at B.C. Rain HS


LTC(R) Donald W. Brady – Biography

LTC(R) Donald Brady was born in Mobile Alabama and attended McGill-Toolen High School. Following High School, he attended The Citadel and earned a BA in History and was commissioned a 2LT in the US Army Field Artillery.

LTC(R) Brady was first assigned to the 1st Battalion, 9th Field Artillery, 3rd Infantry Division at Fort Stewart, GA where he served as a Fire Support Team Leader, Platoon Fire Direction Officer, Paladin Platoon Leader and MLRS Platoon Leader.

LTC(R) Brady was next assigned to 1st Battalion, 17th Field Artillery, 75th Field Artillery Brigade at Ft. Sill Oklahoma, where he served as Headquarters Battery Commander and Charlie Battery Commander

Following his assignment at Ft. Sill, LTC(R) Brady went to 1st Battalion, 305th FA Battalion, 3rd Brigade, 87th Division (TS) at Camp Shelby, MS, where he was a National Guard Battery Trainer, Battalion S3 and Deputy Brigade S3.

In 2005, LTC(R) was promoted to Major and transitioned into Functional Area 34 (Strategic Intelligence). He earned a Masters Degree in Strategic Intelligence from the National Defense Intelligence College in Washington DC. Following his completion of his Masters Degree, LTC(R) Brady was assignment to United States Southern Command Headquarters in Miami, FL where he served in the J2 Directorate as Chief of Collection. LTC(R) Brady was promoted to his current rank in February of 2012 and was assigned to The Pentagon in Washington DC where he finished his career and retired in July 2015.

Upon returning home to Mobile, LTC(R) Brady was hired to work as JROTC SAI at BC Rain High School.

LTC(R) Brady has been married to his wife Lyn since 1996 and they have two sons, Will (17) and Zach (15)









JROTC-SAI                                                                                                      2 August 2017




MEMORANDUM FOR: Leadership & Foundations for Success Students (LTC Brady, Classroom H100)


SUBJECT: Course Syllabus for Leadership & Foundations for Success, LTC Brady, BC Rain JROTC Senior Army Instructor



LTC Donald Brady.

Ben. C. Rain, Room H100


Planning Period/Office Hours: 2nd Block-Mon-Fri



1.      Welcome to the new semester!  To all old and new JROTC students, welcome to the Leadership & Foundations for Success Course. I am excited to see you and hope that you are ready for a semester of Learning and Fun. I know that this will be an interesting and challenging 18 weeks. Your conduct, attitude and participation in all lessons and activities are vital to your successful JROTC tenure; I strongly urge you to accept and embrace your responsibility for your education as we progress through this course. You will be required to master lessons taught from the four text listed below:


·         Unit 1: Citizenship in action

·         Unit 2: Leadership Theory and Application

·         Unit 3: Foundations for Success

·         Unit 4: Wellness, Fitness and First Aid

·         Unit 5: Geography, Map Skills and Environmental Awareness

·         Unit 6: Citizenship and American History in Government

2.      Course Description. Leadership & Foundations for Success is a comprehensive and intense Honors Class that will focus on:










These subject areas will encompass lessons: participation in Physical Fitness Training, Self-Awareness, Learning Styles, Brain function and Structure, Effective Study Habits, Management Theories and Practices, as well as Effective Leadership strategies and the application thereof.


3.      Course & Unit Objectives (Mission/Goals). I want each of you to understand the mission of The Leadership and Foundations for Success Course of Instruction: “To motivate young people to be better Citizens.” This theme will remain constant throughout your tenure as a student in this course. The goals/objectives for each of my classes are as follows:


a.       Promote citizenship.

b.      Develop leadership.

c.       Communicate effectively (Written & Oral).

d.      Improve physical fitness.

e.       Provide incentive to live drug-free.

f.       Strengthen positive self-motivation.

g.      Work as a team member.

h.      Graduate from high school!!!!

i.        Attend a College or University/Vocational Technical School after Graduation.


4.      Student Quarterly EQT Guide.


Students will be given a comprehensive EQT that covers chapters learned during each quarter.


5.      Daily Classroom Requirements/Resources.


6.        Materials. Bring a notebook, pen, pencil, and paper. You will be issued a Cadet Reference which will serve as your checked notebook. This is a graded item, which is worth

100 POINTS, NOTEBOOK CHECKS ARE CONDUCTED periodically and preannounced by your instructor. You may keep all handouts, notes, and worksheets for reference during exams, etc…

a.    Textbooks. All required textbooks are located in my classroom. There are textbooks that will be used in our class for Leadership & Foundations for Success. Other related workbooks and programmed texts will be issued as necessary. I will inform you which of these to use depending on the lesson. DO NOT WRITE IN THESE BOOKS SINCE YOU MUST

SHARE THEM WITH OTHER STUDENTS. They are to be returned to the bookshelf in an orderly fashion at the end of class.

b.   Absences. We will follow the student handbook to the letter on tardiness and absences.


c.    Missed Assignments. You will be expected to make-up missed assignments. I will not remind you of this requirement. Missed assignments grades will initially be entered as one

(1) in iNOW, then changed to reflect your earned grade once you have completed the assignment. Failure to make-up an assignment within two weeks of your return to class will result in a zero (0) grade for that assignment.


d.   UNIFORM. All Leadership students are required to wear the ARMY JROTC UNIFORM EVERY WEDNESDAY. (100 POINTS WEEKLY).


7.      Grading System and Assessments. Sixty percent (60 %) of your grade will be taken from Chapter Tests, Lesson Reviews, and exams. The remaining forty percent (40 %) will come from Daily Classroom Assignments, Class Participation, Conduct, Uniform and Notebook Inspections, and Special Assignments. It is not my desire for any student to fail, however, if you fail to perform the required coursework you can, and will fail. I WILL NOT CHANGE FINAL GRADES!!!


7.      Extracurricular Activities. In addition to daily classroom instruction, those students maintaining a “C” average in all classes may become eligible to participate in the following activities:


a.      Rifle Team

b.     Raider Challenge Team.

c.      Physical Fitness Team.

d.     Drill Team

e.      Color Guard Team.

f.      Orienteering Team.


8.     Educational Excursion Trips. Only members of teams from those listed above and or students who maintain the above mentioned academic standards, are eligible to participate in off campus activities.


9.    Fee Requirements.


a.   Students participating in extracurricular activities and educational excursion trips are encouraged to secure funding for lunch, snacks etc.

b.  Listed below are several events and fees associated with the events:




Fee (approximate)




Ski Trip

February 2018



June 2018


10.       Planning & Conference Time. You and your parents may feel free to schedule a conference with me during my planning period. I can also be available (if scheduled) after school. Your parents can contact me at (251) 221-3233.


11.    Scholarship & Physical Fitness.


a.       It is never too early to begin preparation for college/vocational technical school. I encourage all students to begin looking into the rules of engagement for the SAT & ACT. These Assessment tests are part of preparing for admission to college after high school.


b.       On Fridays, you need to be prepared to participate in at least one physical fitness activity. You may bring water or sports drinks to class on Fridays in order to ensure you remain properly hydrated throughout the day. You may also change clothing to something more appropriate in our dressing room. Plan now on participating in this program…it is not optional.






// Original Signature// Donald W. Brady

Lieutenant Colonel, US Army Retired Ben C. Rain HS /Senior Army Instructor





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