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Dana Washburn graduated from the University of Montevallo in 2009. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Photography. As an undergraduate, Ms. Washburn wanted to explore teaching art to students. She volunteered at Akron Elementary, located in Hale County, teaching drawing to fifth and sixth graders. Dr. Jack Shelton approached Ms. Washburn to teach the same group of students photography and newspaper layout & design through Program Academic Cultural Enhancement in Rural Schools, or P.A.C.E.R.S.

After graduation, Ms. Washburn enrolled into the University of Montevallo’s graduate program received her Master’s in Art Education in 2011. Ms. Washburn taught Crafts 1 and Sculpture 1 during the 2012-2013 school year at Thompson High School, which is located in Alabaster, Alabama. Fall 2013 and Spring 2014, Ms. Washburn was an adjunct professor at Judson College in Marion, Alabama. She taught Art Appreciation, Art History 1, Art History 2, Drawing 1, Drawing 2, Intro to Photography, Documentary Photography, and Digital Media Photography.

Ms. Washburn began teaching art at Rain High School in Mobile, Alabama in August 2014. She currently teaches Art 1, Art 2, and Art 3 as semester courses. Paint is also taught as quarter course. 


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