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2017 Summer Reading Assignment
Posted On:
Wednesday, May 31, 2017
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Ben C. Rain High School

2017 Summer Reading

For All Students Grades 9-12

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Research shows that students need to read during the summer to maintain their independent reading levels. We encourage parents to help your child to see summer as a time where they can dive into books that feed their imagination and special interests. Summer English activities are mandatory and teachers will expect each student to read their assigned book, The Watson Go to Birmingham(s) over the summer. This summer, the English Department, wants our students to become savvy with technology while learning. Each student will be required to complete a webquest for The Watsons Go to Birmingham, a book critique, and a PowerPoint, rubrics and tasks are provided.

The assignments will be due upon return of school in August. The assignment that your child completes will be used in class as a tool to learn how to develop his or her responses to literature.

The ability to read is crucial to an individual’s success in school and on the job. Reading is a life-long skill that opens doors and experiences to children. The English Department recommends you help your child discover books of interest, as avid readers make skilled writers and critical thinkers. We would like to say thank you in advance for your support. Enjoy your summer!




Ben C. Rain’s English Language Arts Department




1960’s WebQuest: What was life like in the 1960’s?

Use this website to answer the following questions

1. The sixties are known as the “age of _____________”.

2. What was the minimum wage of this decade?

3. What popular book about small town social relations later won a Pulitzer Prize? Who was the author?

4. What book won the 1964 Caldecott Medal? Who is the author?

5. What book was the 1961 Newberry Award winner? Who is the author?

6. What study forced integration and busing in the schools?

7. What toys became popular during the 1960’s?

8. Describe the typical clothing of a 1960’s female.

9. Describe the typical clothing of a 1960’s male.

10. What hairstyles were popular in the 1960’s?

11. What ruling decided prayer in schools was unconstitutional?

12. Name two political figures that were assassinated in the 1960’s and give the circumstances of their assassination.

13. Describe Woodstock.

14. What significant events happened in the Space Race during the 1960’s decade?

15. Who were some important figures in music during the 1960’s?

16. What cartoons were popular?

17. What were people watching on television in the 1960’s?

18. What significant accomplishment did Muhammad Ali make during the 1960’s?

19. Copy the APA citation for this resource.





RAFT Planner

Directions: Use this prewriting planner to organize your RAFT assignment.

ROLE: A book critic

AUDIENCE: Your peers

FORM: a book critique

TOPIC: Write a book critique showing the influences of the 1960’s on Christopher Paul Curtis’ book The Watsons Go to Birmingham – 1963.

Reminders: Think about your role and point of view. Think about the best way to communicate to your audience. Stay focused. A critic is not just a summary. State an opinion and back it up. Does Christopher Paul Curtis accurately portray 1960 America in this book?


Persuasive   Essay : Book Critique Influence of Setting

The   following will be used to grade your book critique.









Teacher   Name:






Student   Name:     ________________________________________




4 - Above Standards

3 - Meets Standards

2 - Approaching Standards

1 - Below Standards



RAFT   maintains a clear, consistent point of view relevant to role. Ideas and   information show thought and insight.

RAFT   maintains a reasonably consistent point of view and includes ideas relevant   to the role.

RAFT   indicates point of view, bus shows little thought or relevance.

It   is unclear what role the author has taken.



Intended   audience is obvious, reader feels engaged and informed.

Intended   audience is clear.

Intended   audience is mentioned but focus of the RAFT strays.

It   is not clear who the author is writing for.



Format   is creative and clear. Effort is evident. Format is consistent throughout.

Format   is clear and consistent.

Format   is stated but not consistent or reflected in writing.

Format   is unknown and/or writing is unclear.



Information   and details are always accurate and properly reflect concepts, ideas, and   themes related to the subject.

Almost   all supportive facts and statistics are reported accurately but could use   more support or specific details.

Most   supportive facts and statistics are reported accurately but has some   inaccuracies and/or omissions.

Most   supportive facts and statistics were inaccurately reported or incomplete.



RAFT   is fluent and interesting with rare errors or mechanical mistakes.

RAFT   is fluent with occasional mechanical mistakes.

RAFT   contains several errors and mechanical mistakes that may interfere with clarity   of ideas.

RAFT   has numerous errors which disrupt the reader's understanding.




PowerPoint Activity

The Task

Your job is to create a PowerPoint presentation which will teach the following elements of language:











These online lessons should not only be informative, but they should also be attractive and engaging; or students will not be interested in viewing them.






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